Monday, 1 September 2008

Godshill's Secret Garden

Welcome to the Model Village. This lovely treasure is in Godshill, Isle of Wight. It is a garden which has thousands of conifers and shrubs; it has four pubs, a couple of churches, a railway and airfield. Plus, right at the centre of the garden is a model of the model village! Fantastic!!! 

I felt like a giant for a day, how cool is that?

the church and some villagers

the airfield


cc said...

Dreamy dreamy dreamy!! I love models, they all look so exquisite! :)

Miss Elle said...

sis. nature would love you more for emphasizing its beauty. ang clear naman nung kuha mo, i mean like on that last photo, nakita pa rin clearly yung tao. hehehe.

philos said...

I imagine cool indeed! :)

Bridge Schmidt said...

Kaycee, these models look like real. I thought they were for real actually... Nice snap there. You made all the models look naturally authentic.