Monday, 11 August 2008

Cowes Festival 2008 - Fireworks

As promised, here they are, more fireworks pictures!

The lovely day was concluded with the display of spectacular fireworks. It lasted for the longest time and it was just magical. I took loads of photos but for most of the show I just stood back and watched in amazement! 



Anonymous said...

Really amazing photos - it isn´t that easy to catch fireworks on picture. Well done!

K said...

Very nice fireworks capture. I'm still learning to take nice photos with my SLR. I did try some fireworks photos last 4th of July but it didn't come close to yours.

Thanks for visiting!

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Fireworks... for a while I though this was the Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony. Haha. Still got hang-over from it!

The photos of the fireworks are all nice and clean. You have a good camera. What camera are you using?

Miss Elle said...

sis, have the same question with bridge. hehe. Albeit I believe it's not really on the camera because I have friends that are pretty much gifted at taking pictures. Just like you. I try using their camera, well... no need to embarrass myself. LOL :)

kaycee said...

Hi Bridge,
Oh how I wish!!!
Thanks a lot! I'm using a Canon Digital Rebel XT or 400D.
Cheers =D

philos said...

What's Cowes? Those are excellent fireworks photos... do you always take photos of them? firworks I mean.

kaycee said...

Hi Philos, Cowes is a place in Isle of Wight (25 minutes from Southampton by ferry).
My friends go every year to enjoy the festival, food, fireworks and fun. I joined them for the first time and was SO glad that I did.
I take photos of fireworks whenever I can for practice... hope I'm getting better at it!