Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Life in the UK exam

Anyone wishing to apply for permission to settle in the UK permanently (indefinite leave to remain), will need to show that they have enough knowledge of language and life here. After you have lived legally in the UK for 5 years you may be able to apply to live here permanently, depending on the type of visa that you have. But first you need to pass the Life in the UK exam. 

The exam consists of 24 questions which you need to finish within 45 minutes. The passing score is 18 (75%). It is fairly easy as long as you've read the recommended handbook.  Anyone needing to know more about this can visit their website:

We passed the exam last Friday, hoorah! (it was good because all of us who took the test that time passed). Now that's out of the way, we just have to wait for October then we can finally submit the application. (We can only hope that no changes to the policy takes effect before then). Whew... hard work? A bit, yes... Worth it? Definitely!


yen said...

i heard about this exam from my husband and hopefully sana they will not do the same thing with the Dutch entrance exams...Congratulations! good luck :)

EMCEE said...

Good luck and Godbless sis!
so you've been there for five years already? pretty hard to stay out of the country..

Ner said...

wow, congrats sis! ^^

thanks for sharing the info as well (though di ko naman need for now coz i'm not planning to migrate or anything). but i do plan to go there in the future. :)

EMCEE said...

hi kayce,just have one small concern..
In applying PR do u have to be sponsored by your employer or you can make an independent application?
coz here you can choose any of the two..

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Oh Kaycee, that's nice of you blogging about your immigration stuff.

I'm sure it'd help others who are planning to settle down in UK.

My name is Bridge, I live in Hawaii. It's nice to meet someone like you =) You're welcome to visit my blog as well!

British Citizenship test said...

All the best kaycee !
Perhaps you should check for more information !