Monday, 2 June 2008

Hythe Marina

There are those rare times when we're spontaneous and this is one of them.  Instead of driving home we drove to Hythe and had dinner out. This is where we ended up:

The Hythe Marina

The Hythe Marina was the first marina village to be built in the UK. It is located on the western shore of Southampton water. There are waterside houses, shops, restaurant and bars. There is also a ferry service which runs right to the centre of Soton. 

who wouldn't enjoy dinner with this view?

the different lines just caught my eyes....


gigi said...

I just love it Oh my God! i have some blog if you care to exchange link.

Thank you

Marfzie said...

hi! mind if i ask u to exchange link with me? thanks much!!

Dana-Debbie said...

Wow! Beautiful photos!!
Thank you so much by the way for the visit and yes ti xlinks... Saw that you already added us,thanks alot. I will add you too ok? :)