Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Berlin 1

Late last year a German friend of ours invited us to visit Berlin with them. We had it all planned out but because of the postal strike our visas didn't get delivered on time. But we still went when we finally got our visas, and its a good thing we did. We had a really great time. Berlin was beautiful, the people were friendly and food & transportation were affordable. Plus most people can speak English which is a major plus (we were a little worried going there without our friend).  See, we got ourselves worried there for nothing!

Here's the first installment of pics:

Morning sun as seen from the hotel window

Brandenburg Gate 

Reichstag Building

Top of the Reichstag building



Anonymous said...

hi kaycee,
nice photos ha! where's the family pics?

Anonymous said...

hello there,
u seem so mysterious,can u post more of yours and family pictures so the crowd may see who's behind those nice and wonderful photographs