Sunday, 8 June 2008

Warwick Castle 1

Warwick Castle overlooking the River Avon, lies in the town of Warwick in Warwickshire.  It is traditionally associated with the earldom of Warwick, one of the oldest in England. The castle today is a popular tourist attraction in England. 

It was everything I had imagined a castle to be. I was able to climb the walls around the castle and its towers.  The castle has a small dungeon, which can be a bit frightening. The wax figures created by Madame Toussaud's are very impressive indeed (some photos of which I'll post tomorrow).  As you walk through the castle, you're struck by the realistic recreations of what life was like for the royals who lived in the castle in the late 19th century. 

The Mound

River Avon

Here's the website for those wanting to be a time traveller for a day!


Anonymous said...

nice photos indeed! In your profile you've mentioned about family and friends,where are they? Can you post more of your family pictures and friends and your's as well,have a good one!

Amy said...

Hi, great photos you had here! loved them all:)

Btw, thank you for the visit. sure we can exchange links let me know when you've done adding mine so that i can add yours too:)


Anonymous said...

been here today, as usual great photos.

ner said...

Sure! I've added you already in my links :)

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Amy said...

Hi kaycee, done adding your blog now:)

leslie said...

I visited there way back in 1998 with my daughter. It's a fascinating place to see and I'd go there again!